Burl Wood Bowls & Vases

In addition to redwood furniture, we also custom craft burl wood bowls and vases. Here, you can find redwood bowls, plates, and vases. These pieces have the same unique and characteristic elements of redwood burl slabs.

Evidently, these pieces are crafted from exceptionally detailed and prized redwood. In turn, they reveal a lot of redwood details, such as curl grain or lace burl patterns.

Burl wood bowls and vases  are used in a variety of contemporary or rustic spaces. Hence, they often adorn an office with a bouquet of dried flowers; or serve as a fruit bowl center piece on a kitchen table.

Progressively, we plan to expand production lines to include various turned goodies such as wine stoppers, burl wood pens, and other small gift items.

Exceeding beyond the social and environmental considerations, we ensure that our products are sourced and created in safe facilities. Our employees, staff and workers are treated with respect and paid fair wages to work legal hours. We prioritize the environment and production and manufacture of all our products.

Pictured, the intricate and fine process of crafting burl wood bowls and vases
Crafting redwood burl wood bowls and vases out of redwood.

Burl Wood Bowls and Vases Currently Available

  • Turned Burl Wood Bowls - Red Wood Bowl
    BV-101 - 7.5" Rd., 4" Tall
  • Woodturning Bowls for Sale - Redwood Burl Bowls and Plates
    BV-102 - 12.5" Rd., 2.5" Tall
  • Redwood Bowl - Burl Bowl out of Redwood Burl - With Prized Lace Burl
    BV-103 - 12.25" Rd., 2.5" Tall
  • Claro Walnut Burl Vases for Sale
    BV-104 - 5.5 Rd., 5.5" Tall
  • Natural Edge Bowl | Decorative Walnut Burl Vase
    BV-105 - Live edge claro walnut burl bowl - 4.25" Rd., 6.25" Tall
  • Laser Engraved Redwood Burl Clock
    BV-106 - 24" x 11" x 2"
  • Handmade Redwood Vase | Hand Carved Redwood Vase
    BV-107 - 14" Tall, 8" Wide, 3" Thick
  • Natural Live Edge Maple Bowl - Kitchen Raw Wood Bowls
    BV-108 - 14" Rd., 5.25" Tall
  • Walnut Wood Turning | Bowl Is Slightly Imperfect
    BV-109 - 11.25" Rd., 5.25" Tall
  • Natural Bark Edge Turned Maple Bowl
    BV-110 - 15" Rd., 9" Tall
  • Redwood Fruit Bowl | Turned Wooden Bowls
    BV-111 - 19" Rd., 5" Tall
  • Lace Birdseye Redwood Bowl Handturned, Handmade Vases and Containers
    BV-112 - 6.5" Rd., 3.75" Tall
  • Carved Light Wood Kitchen Decor - Redwood Sapwood Second or New Growth
    BV-113 - 8.5" Rd., 3.75" Tall
  • Wooden Bowls For Sale | Bowl With Maple Stitching
    BV-114 - 10" Rd. by 4" Tall
  • Turned Wooden Bowls | Great Curly Redwood Bowl
    BV-115 - 9" Rd., 3.5" Tall
  • Burl Raw Edge Carved Bowl - Redwood Live Edge Handmade Bowls & Vases
    BV-116 - 8" Rd., 4" Tall
  • Turned Wood Bowl | Redwood Lace Burl Fruit Bowl
    BV-117 - 15" Rd., by 4" Tall
  • Thirteen Inches Diameter Big Decorative Wood Bowl
    BV-118 - 13.5" Rd., 2.5" Tall
  • Redwood Bowl | Natural Inclusions, Great Curl In It Too
    BV-119 - 9" Rd., 2" Tall
  • Dark Wood Bowl with Turquoise - Small, Rectangle Turquoise Inlay Redwood Handmade Decorative Bowl
    BV-120 - 16" Rd. by 5.5" Tall
  • Turned Bowls | Lots of Heavy Burl In This Bowl
    BV-121 - 12" Rd., 7" Tall
  • Lace Burl Deep Wood Knitting Bowl
    BV-122 - 12" Rd., 5" Tall
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