BV-117 - 15" x 4" T


One of a kind lace burl grain hand turned wood bowl. Lace burl grain appears naturally redwood tree burls. Particularly, this formation makes extraordinary natural shapes in the wood. Lace burl grain found in burls is a prized aesthetic that designer and woodworkers alike appreciate. Without a doubt, adding such an intricate wood design to your home will draw attention.

Redwood burl bowls are softwood and require specific care. Be wary of storing sharp objects in redwood bowls, as they may scratch the interior surface. By all means, you can use hand-turned bowls and trays for storage of fruit, potpourri, and floral arrangements. In the same fashion, store books and household items in a rustic way. If you are looking for wooden bowl centerpiece ideas, follow our Pinterest page and boards! We regularly re-post inspiration pieces and projects with redwood and other wood.

Unfortunately, this individual hand turned wood bowl is sold. Luckily, we have handmade wooden bowls available for sale. In this case, contact us to discuss your specific vision and interest in handmade, crafted wooden decor.


15″ diameter x 4″ tall


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Sourcing a Hand Turned Wood Bowl

All our wood comes from ethical sources. In other words, we never cut down live redwoods or any other trees. We take steps and measures to protect the environment when building our products. Additionally, we ensure our products come from facilities that treat workers fairly. You can learn more about our ethical sourcing policies as well as our commitment to the environment and our community here

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