Dining Table Base Options

Rustic Dining Table

Dining table mount options for redwood slab tables are practically endless.  We’ve seen everything from ordinary stump dining table bases to leaf springs off of an old truck used to support a table. If you’re looking for redwood table bases of any kind, you are in the right place. Now that you’ve seen our selection of redwood stump bases on the previous pages, here are a few more options.

Half-Moon Table Bases

These are our half-moon table bases. These can be used either alone, or in sets of two or more. They are a very organic, yet very durable option. Below are a few pictures of some of the bases, and an example of an old growth redwood table using a pair of these bases. Just click on the pictures for a better view.

half-moon table bases perfect for a redwood dining table

Redwood Slab

Another great option is too make your base using another redwood slab. You can either add the extra length to your current slab, or we can usually find you some smaller sister cuts from the same log.

Rustic Redwood Slab table with Redwood Slab Base


We also have several metal base options available. Below are several redwood tables showing a variety of table leg designs, including one that uses a wine barrel. All of these were built with redwood purchased from us right here at Redwood Burl Inc.

  • Custom table made with a redwood stump base - bar height
    Custom table base options -
  • half-moon table bases perfect for a redwood dining table
    Half-moon table bases -
  • Rustic Kitchen Table
    Metal legs -
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  • dining table with redwood slab legs
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