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Fireplace Mantels 4 | Curly Mantels

Pearson Mantel (Example)

“We love it and everyone who comes to our home loves it. Thanks for the great mantel.”
Jerry Pearson, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

The redwood fireplace mantels on this page are all unfinished unless marked otherwise, and each one is made to order.  We will finish them for an extra charge if you want us to — most people ask us to finish them. This way you can ensure that your new mantel has a professional, high quality finish.

We size the mantels as large as possible when we cut them and we can make them smaller if you would like. Just let us know your ideal dimensions and we can custom cut a mantel for you.

Curly, Fiddle-Backed, or Tiger-Striped

The curly, fiddle-backed, or tiger-striped grain patterns found in our redwood fireplace mantels are all forms of curl. Curl is actually formed by what is referred to as compression grain. It occurs when a tree grows on a slope of has a natural bend in the trunk. This bend causes compression in the grain on the inside edge of the tree, which gives the wood the wavy grain pattern we call curl. These grain patterns are beautiful and make great countertops, tables, and mantels as the grain can be easily seen from a distance. The pictured curly mantels on this page are some of the best we have ever cut in the 40 years we’ve been doing this.

The rustic look usually means the wood has a live edge and tends to have defects such as small cracks, knots, and curly or burly character. However, most people feel that these “defects” only add to the appeal of the piece, as they give it a unique rustic look and add to the character. If you want a perfect, defect-free piece they are available but not common.  Please let us know how we can help with your special project.


Redwood Fireplace Mantel Finishing Rates:

We will sand and apply a good Danish oil finish prior to shipping for:  $50 per/running foot

Redwood Fireplace Mantel Shipping Rates:

Fireplace Mantels (redwood) up to 6′ ship for $90.

Mantels over 6′ and less than 150 lbs. ship for $150.

Redwood Fireplace Mantels over 150 lbs. must be shipped via Freight.


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