Burl Desk Slabs

Burl desk tops are an excellent example of rustic furniture. We have hundreds of solid redwood desk tops, table tops and bases in our inventory. We cut most of our tops 3″ thick, and we normally cut our bases at 26″ to 27″ high – this makes the finished height around 30″. Let us know if there is a certain size or shape redwood slab you would like to view. We’ll be happy to email photographs. Our saws and sanders are working daily to bring you more inventory from our salvaged redwood and we update our site daily with new items, so please bookmark us.

Old Growth Redwood

California old growth redwood desk tops are some of our best-selling products. Whether you’re looking for a desk for your conservatory room at home or an executive desk top or conference room table for your office, the rich grain and deep colors of our wood adds artistic accent and warmth to your room.

The rustic look usually means the wood has a live edge and tends to have defects such as small cracks, knots, curly or burly. If you want a perfect, defect-free burl desk. They are available, but not common.

We make burl desks to order here. First you will need to pick your desk top slab. Then, we will match bases to it accordingly. Prepping and finishing services are available on request. Prices listed are for unfinished rates.

Below are a selection of slabs that we think would be great office desktops. If you don’t find something you like here, send us some dimensions that you are looking for and we’ll gladly go through our stock to find something that matches your needs!

  • Burl wood slab for desk or table
    DS-101 - 78" x 33-31" x 3"
  • Burl Desk | Redwood Desk Slab
    DS-102 - 72" x 28-31" x 3"
  • Burl Table Slab - Nice character, unique shape
    DS-103 - 7' x 18-44" x 3"
  • Desktop ~ Redwood Burl Slab
    DS-104 - 87" x 38-26" x 3"
  • Redwood Burl Desk Slab
    DS-105 - 69" x 41" x 3"
  • Burl Table Slab - Nice character, good Burl
    DS-106 - 83" x 47" x 3"
  • Burl Table Slab - Nice Curly Burl Slab
    DS-107 - 83" x 39-38" x 3"
  • Burl Table Slab - Nice Curly Burl Slab
    DS-108 - 85" x 36-27" x 3"
  • Redwood desk slab
    DS-109 - 9' x 37-46" x 3"
  • Burl Table Slab - Nice Curly Burl Slab
    DS-110 - 8' x 20-43" x 3"
  • Rustic redwood desk slab
    DS-112 - 62" x 42" x 3"
  • Burl Table Slab - Nice Curly Burl Slab
    DS-115 - 90" x 36-24" x 3"
  • Live edge redwood desk slab
    DS-116 - 68" x 34" x 3"
  • Burl Furniture Making Slab
    DS-117 - 7.5' x 17-42" x 3"