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Redwood Burl Inc. is located in Arcata, CA in the heart of coastal redwood country. The goal of Redwood Burl is to be your source for burl wood furniture, redwood slabs, rustic fireplace mantels and so much more.  We supply only ethically sourced, salvaged old growth redwood slabs to provide woodworkers, furniture makers, and DIY craftsman unique pieces for home, office, and retail applications. Providing the highest quality products and excellent customer service are our top priorities, and we are always ready to help you with your next special project. When you think of redwood, think Redwood Burl.

  • Rustic Fireplace Mantels

    Rustic Fireplace Mantels

    Our rustic fireplace mantels and mantel shelves are all made from solid wood. We send them out unfinished or fully finished and ready for install, or at any stage in between. Additionally, we can cut any of our mantles smaller to fit your specifications. We have thousands of rustic fireplace mantels in our inventory, so if you don’t see […]

  • Unique Redwood Burl Slabs

    Redwood Burl Slabs

    Redwood burl slabs are perfect for creating rustic wood tables, rustic fireplace mantels, rustic bar tops and burl desks. All of our burl slabs start unfinished. We can customize and/or finish them if you desire. We are always looking for new wholesale accounts – please ask about our volume discounts on burl slabs. Salvaged California old […]

  • Completed redwood dining table

    Rustic Dining Tables & Conference Tables

    Rustic dining tables and conference tables are two of our biggest selling items. In fact, they might just be what has made us so popular. These slabs come from coastal redwoods that were cut down anywhere from decades to over a century ago. We usually have them in stock up to 20′ in length. However, we have been […]

  • Live edge redwood countertop

    Rustic Countertops & Bars

    Rustic countertops and bars are one of the first things that comes to mind when you start thinking about projects involving tree slabs. Solid wood counter tops made from our rustic old growth redwood slabs make great bars, island tops, counter tops, and rustic wood tables that will surely become the focal point of any room. We […]

  • Completed redwood burl desk

    Burl Desk Slabs

    Burl desk tops are an excellent example of rustic furniture. We have hundreds of solid redwood desk tops, table tops and bases in our inventory. We cut most of our tops 3″ thick, and we normally cut our bases at 26″ to 27″ high – this makes the finished height around 30″.  Let us know if there is a certain size […]

  • Redwood Root System Table Base

    Rustic Table Bases

    Our rustic table bases are salvaged from the roots and stumps of old growth California redwood and other burl woods. They can be used as bases or pedestals for dining room tables, large conference room tables, executive desks, countertops, bars, end tables, bookshelves, and much more.  Usually with a glass table top we want the roots to […]

  • Shaped Finished Redwood Bench

    Redwood Benches

    We’ve been making redwood benches for decades. Back in the 1970’s, when this company was first founded, we sold a lot of redwood chairs and coffee tables. According to local legend, we had 60 people working around the clock building redwood furniture. We delivered and sold this furniture in stores coast to coast. Even today, people […]

  • Old Growth Redwood Bed Headboard

    Burl Wood Headboards & Wall Art

    Many people use burl wood headboards as an incredible way to decorate their bedrooms. These headboards are unique, rustic, and breathtaking. Burl wood headboards add a distinctive touch to the bedroom. They are one of those unique items that dreams are made of. We find the perfect slab and have a unique setup custom made by an […]

  • Lace Burl Bowl | Made From Old Growth Redwood

    Burl Wood Bowls & Vases

    Burl wood bowls and vases are some of the newest products we are now offering. On this page you will find redwood bowls, plates, and vases. We even offer some turnings made with other locally available burl wood such as maple and claro walnut. All of the turnings were created in our own production facility here at Redwood […]

  • Redwood Landscape Pieces

    Redwood Landscape Pieces

    Redwood landscape pieces, giant stumps, driftwood and redwood roots make beautiful yard sculptures and waterfalls. We can also cut these into rustic furniture bases. One large burl stump will yield many slabs. However, good quality wood is always hard to find.  Redwood will last for an extremely long time.  Depending upon the size of the […]

  • Redwood Bench With Bear Carving

    Friends of Redwood Burl

    The friends of Redwood Burl Inc. listed on this page are people we work closely together with, in some cases on an almost daily basis. We are proud of our association with these companies and value the relationship we have with them. All of the companies listed on this page produce top quality wood products. […]

  • Trucking Large Wood Stumps

    How We Do It

    Back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, when the majority of the largest redwoods were harvested, loggers worked standing on spring boards sometimes ten to fifteen feet from ground level. This was done because the mills only wanted straight-grained redwood. The bottoms of the trees had too much curly grain in them to be […]


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