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Fireplace Mantels 5 | Rustic Fireplace Mantels

All of the rustic fireplace mantels on this page – like the rest of our wood – are shown unfinished. You have the option of purchasing the raw unfinished mantels, or we can finish the mantel for you! Most of our customers prefer us to finish the wood for them for an extra charge. We have sold hundreds of rustic fireplace mantels across the globe. Due to the amount of wood we ship, we get discount rates through our providers which we pass on to you!

Two mantels finished in Danish oil


You should start by looking through some of the rustic fireplace mantels that we have on our website. Once you find one you like, feel free to click the “Inquiry” button and let us know a little bit more about your project. Try to send the dimensions or specific requirements for your project. If one of the mantels really stands out to you, but is too large, we will be happy to cut it down to size for you. If you don’t find the perfect rustic mantel on our website,  let us know some dimensions and the characteristics of the wood that you love the most, We can look through our stockpiles to find something that fits your needs!

Custom Rustic Fireplace Mantels

We want your rustic mantel to be perfect. This is why we love to work with you step by step. This way ensures that you get only the highest quality redwood for your home and a mantel that you’ll love for many years to come. Live edge isn’t the only option. We can always do custom shaping to meet your exact desires and specifications. Because we are a small business, you can expect quick delivery. You will usually receive your rustic mantel between 2-3 weeks after ordering. Your new mantel will likely be a cornerstone of your home, and we look forward to making it happen!


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