Burl Wood Art 2

Redwood Burl as Rustic Wall Decor 

Burl wood is so unique and rich in character. What’s more, it makes an excellent choice for rustic home decor. Truly, the possibilities are endless. On its own, burl wood makes for unique and eye-catching rustic wall decor. You can choose to re-purpose detailed burl slabs into mirrors, ship-lap wall art pieces, or  frames and bases for custom wooden projects.

Naturally, these small but mighty redwood burl slabs will add warmth and a rustic accent to any room in the home. You simply can’t find the unique shape and character of these effortlessly rustic slabs anywhere else.

Here, we feature some of our more unusually shaped slabs. Some of these pieces have natural voids, live edges, and intricate grain patterns. If you’re looking for some truly wild-shaped, rustic wall art, you have come to the right place! Luckily, we have a wide inventory to work with, and custom projects are our specialty.

Natural, Ethically Salvaged Burl Wood Art

Notably, all of our redwood, including our art and headboard slabs, is ethically sourced. We salvage all our wood from old logs and stumps from previous logging operations and don’t harm any living trees. Shown here, these slabs are in their natural, raw and unfinished state. Additionally, we offer finishing services for this burl slabs.

  • Redwood Raw Wood Furniture Supply - Live Edge Book Match Floating Shelves Wood Tables Real Wood Art
    HB-201 - 67" x 44" x 3"
  • Redwood Raw Wood Wall Decor
    HB-202 - 58" x 27-40" x 3"
  • Highly figured burl wood headboard slab - redwood slab with live edge and voids
    HB-203 - 65" x 37" x 3"
  • Bohemian, Conceptual, Eclectic Wood Wall Art Ideas
    HB-204 - 52" x 32" x 3"
  • Raw Burl wood Bedroom Headboard - Live Edge King Size Rustic Beds
    HB-205 - 76" x 50" x 3"
  • Highly figured burl wood art slab
    HB-206 - 84" x 50" x 3"
  • Custom Burl Live Edge Wall Fixture - Live Edge Mirror - Epoxy Filled Burl Art
    HB-207 - 72" x 40" x 3"
  • Laser Woodworking Blank - Wood Etching and Laser Work - Raw Wood Materials Supplies
    HB-208 - 70" x 22" x 3"
  • Live Edge Mirror Slab Redwood Rustic Retreat Interior
    HB-209 - 78" x 52" x 3"
  • Raw Redwood Burl - Organic Edge Floating Art for Rustic Wall Decor
    HB-210 - 80" x 32" x 3"
  • Live edge redwood slab - burl wood headboard
    HB-211 - 82" x 46" x 3"
  • Burl wood art slab - highly figured redwood
    HB-212 - 69" x 32-26" x 3"
  • Burl Wood Live Edge Sconce
    HB-213 - 77" x 35" x 3"
  • Real Natural Wooden Art Home Decoration from Redwood
    HB-214 - 88" x 43-27" x 3"
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