BV-106 - 24" x 11" x 2"


Custom engraved redwood clock with gorgeous redwood tree silhouettes. Visibly, this engraved redwood clock is crafted from new growth, or second growth redwood. The natural separation between the lighter, sapwood color and the bright orange is a visible sign of new growth wood. Additionally, each individual number on this live edge wood clock face is inlaid manually. Needless to say, redwood clocks are a unique and lively way to decorate your home. At such a convenient size, you can decorate with this gorgeous redwood clock anywhere!


24″ long x 11″wide x 2″ thick


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Ethical Sourcing

All our wood comes from ethically considerate sources. We adhere to strict environmental and moral guidelines to protect the environment when building our products. In other words, we never cut down live trees and only derive our wood  supply from reputable, trusted sources. In the same fashion, we ensure the hands and labor that went into the ethical up-cycling of trees and wood are properly and legally rewarded. Needless to say, working with these magnificent tree giants is a ambitious and rewarding task. Learn more about our ethical sourcing, our commitment to the environment and our community here

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