BV-121 - 13" x 5" T


A perfectly round wood fruit bowl with a subtle, gloss finish. Important to note is these bowls are food safe. Traditional salad bowls are simple, smooth and practical, much like this one here. However, what makes our fruit bowls unique is their incredible redwood details. As seen above, this bowl shows smooth and consistent growth patterns; adding to the perceived texture.

Our hand carved bowls are not only serving bowls, they are also pieces of history and art. Each bowl is crafted from salvaged forest logs and we never cut down live trees to make our pieces. These pieces have suggested uses, but are ultimately gorgeous and practical art to introduce into your home space. By the same token, use primitive wood bowls as natural wood jewelry storage. Or, stack personal memorabilia and seasonal ornaments. Clearly, a round wood fruit bowl has more uses than one. More importantly, these versatile kitchen pieces are long-lasting and gorgeous.

Turned by hand, redwood bowls are a lavish and artisan way to decorate with wood. By purchasing wood from salvaged trees, you are supporting the natural growth of the old growth redwood forest. We only use wood from fallen or salvaged tree logs or stumps. This way, you can shop responsibly and support ethical sourcing of sequoias.


12″ diameter x 7″ tall


Our products ship worldwide, small to big. We get an 86% discount with our shipping companies, which we pass on directly to you. Guaranteed is an affordable cost for shipping a round wood fruit bowl; or any other redwood piece. Please provide a zip code in your inquiry and we can provide you with a quote. In the case that you have more questions, you can give us a call, or click here to learn more about our shipping policies.

Ethical Sourcing

All our wood comes from ethical sources. To rephrase it: we never cut down trees. Our wood supply comes from salvaged, fallen old growth logs and stumps. In view of illegal poaching, we take measures to protect the environment when building our products. Moreover, we ensure these products come facilities that hold ethical labor standards. This hand carved round wood fruit bowl is made from skilled contractors, paid equitably for their craftsmanship. You can learn more about our ethical sourcing policies as well as our commitment to the environment and our community here.

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