BV-107 - 6" x 14" T


Handmade redwood vase – natural appearing textured edges and textures. Organic appealing textures and colors in redwood burls make for excellent decorative redwood vases, bowls and kitchen accents. As shown, the curl grain pattern along the redwood vase is a naturally occurring pattern in redwood burls, referred to as “tiger stripes.” Additionally, the eye-catching rough surface along the vase’s edge makes for a multi-dimensional look. Essentially, this handmade redwood vase is both practical and artistic. Use it as live edge wood home decor, or as an efficient and lively storage.

In every room of your home, there is room for decoration. A handmade redwood vase is a subtle and versatile way to brighten up those empty nooks. Our vases are handcrafted by redwood and burl wood artisans, who have years of experience in the craft.

Hand-carved in the heart of Redwood Country –  Arcata,  California.



14″ tall x 6″ x wide x 1-3″ thick


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Ethical Sourcing

All our wood comes from ethical sources. In other words, none of the wood we use come from lives trees. In consideration of illegal poaching, we take steps to protect the environment when building our products. Moreover,  we make sure that these products come from facilities that treat workers fairly. Our ethical sourcing and labor practices rise us above any other wood supply; as you can shop ethically and without worry. You can learn more about our ethical sourcing policies as well as our commitment to the environment and our community here.

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