BV-104 - 3.5 - 5" x 5.5" T


Decorative kitchen ornaments, raw wood kitchenware, and burl vases. Redwood burl forms a colorful medley of natural wooden colors. Specifically, burl wood is an intricate mixture of wood grain and texture. While we specialize in redwood, we often fall in love with burl wood. We have a variety of wood dishes, burl vases and bowls for sale. Specifically, redwood vases for sale are a quality wood item for your home, or fit for a gift.

Typically, we supply raw wood materials and live edge furniture. However, our quality burl wood attracts bowl turners and woodworkers. We often collaborate and contract wood-turners to assist with the crafting of our burl wood. For example, the burl vases for sale are from ethically salvaged wood. None of the wood or burl wood we supply is from logged trees. Crafted, handmade redwood wood vase for sale. Hand-turned in Arcata, CA.


3.5 – 5″ x 5.5″ tall


We ship our products worldwide. This burl vase can be at your doorstep for an affordable price! We get an 86% discount with our shipping companies, which we pass on directly to you. Please provide a zip code in your inquiry and we can provide you with a quote.  Learn more about our shipping policies

Ethical Sourcing

All our wood comes from ethical sources. We take steps to protect the environment when building our products. We also make sure that these products come from facilities that treat workers fairly. You can learn more about our ethical sourcing policies as well as our commitment to the environment and our community here.

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