BV-116 - 9" x 4"


One-of-a-kind hand carved lipped wood bowl, excellent for a kitchen centerpiece or fireplace mantel decoration. Redwood kitchen decors are an easy way to add wooden accents to your space, regardless of the style. The warm brown chocolate color carries a hint of deep red, characteristic to redwood trees. Due to this color, this lipped wood bowl will enhance the appearance of your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Whether you decide to use it as an eye-catching detail to your kitchen dining room table, or as a convenient and adorned storage; it will surely brighten up your space.

As shown above, this redwood burl bowl displays natural wood grain characteristics that add to the depth appearance. Like the birdseye configuration, this lipped wood bowl holds remarkable wood details. At four inches tall, this raw edge carved bowl is perfect for small personal storage, like jewelry or decorative home ornaments. High quality old growth redwood furniture is a quality wood to craft and hand-turn wooden bowls from. Visibly, the characteristics of salvaged redwood burls reveal gorgeous organic details and charms, ideal for unique wooden home decor pieces.

Popular in rustic cabin homes and winter resorts, these live edge bowls bring a cozy charm to any space. Additionally, their nature and raw appeal fit well with open, eco-friendly and green spaces, such as offices and workspaces. Appropriate for any setting and surrounding decor, a raw edge carved bowl is a unique and irreplaceable purchase.


9″ diameter x 4″ tall


We ship our products worldwide. We get an 86% discount with our shipping companies, which we pass on directly to you. Luckily, shipping smaller wood items, like a lipped wood bowl is a breeze. This product can easily be shipped to your door. Please provide a zip code in your inquiry and we can provide you with a quote.  Learn more about our shipping policies here

Ethical Sourcing

All our wood comes from ethical sources. We take steps to protect the environment when building our products, but also make sure that these products come from facilities that treat workers fairly. In other words, our burl wood, including this lipped wood bowl, comes from fallen redwoods. We never cut down any living trees to sustain our inventory. You can learn more about our ethical sourcing policies as well as our commitment to the environment and our community here.

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