BV-111 - 19" x 5" T


Brighten your kitchen with burl wood platter as a gorgeous table centerpiece! Whether you are re-decorating your home or adding finishing touches, redwood kitchenware is an elegant, yet captivating option. With bowls and platters crafted from redwood, you will find a comforting texture and soft, warm color. Hand-turned and smoothed to perfection, these wood bowls make excellent serving platters with an inviting charm. Entertain your guests or simply adorn your own space with the organic look of redwood plates and platters.

Essentially, you can use redwood to add a touch of warmth to any part of the home. In bedrooms, use a round burl wood platter as nightstand storage and fill with potpourri, or seasonal flowers. Store seasonal produce for a wooden kitchen fruit bowl. Whatever room you choose to display a burl platter, it will effortlessly add a touch of inviting appeal.


19″ diameter x 5″ tall


Our products ship all around the world!  Due to our frequent usage, we receive an 86% discount with our shipping companies, which you benefit from as well. With this in mind, we can ship your burl wood platter to your door for an affordable price! In your inquiry, please provide a zip code to receive a personal shipping quote. In the meantime, you can find more shipping information here.

Ethical Sourcing

All our wood comes from ethical sources. In our practice, we take steps to protect the environment when building our products. Our wood burl platters are crafted with these ethics in mind. Moreover, we endorse fair and safe working facilities for both our wood sourcing and our employees. You can learn more about our ethical sourcing policies as well as our commitment to the environment and our community here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at our redwood sourcing.

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