BV-101 - 7.5" Rd., 4" Tall


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Evidently, burl wood bowls exhibits characteristic curl grain pattern of redwood. Different from redwood burl slabs, these burl bowls are crafted not only for decor, but practicality. Specifically, this burl wood bowl partial raw edge details. Additionally, configured, compression wood grain is shown in the bottom corner,, in the form of curly wood burl grain.

Burl wood bowls and vases like this can adorn a modern and simple space. Moreover, burl wood bowls can serve for storage, or in combination with other burl wood art and decor. This burl bowl holds a detailed curl grain pattern, as well as a natural void on the rim. Notably, this bowl is a deep redwood color. While the surface and texture of this burl wood bowl is smooth and sanded, this red wood burl bowl is truly rustic and eye-catching.


7.5″ diameter x 4″ tall


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