Redwood Landscape Pieces

Redwood landscape pieces, giant stumps, driftwood and redwood roots make beautiful yard sculptures and waterfalls. We can also cut these into rustic furniture bases. One large burl stump will yield many slabs. However, good quality wood is always hard to find. Redwood will last for an extremely long time. Depending upon the size of the wood, we can ship these whole by tractor trailer or custom make a pallet for you. We often cut pieces from stumps or redwood roots up to 50,000 pounds. Each redwood landscape piece is a one-of-a-kind natural sculpture, whether sliced or whole. Cleaning and cutting these huge redwood roots and stumps is a very dirty job, but we are more than willing to do the hard work for you. We can finish these for an additional charge.

Ready for your Landscape Project

We have already power washed most of what we have in stock. We remove most of the dirt and rocks. These appear gray and weathered from being out in the sun. Most redwood does turn grey if not finished and protected from the sun. If you are looking for something a bit more finished, we can sandblast your piece and apply a coat of Danish oil for something that will be used indoors. Or, we can use tung oil for pieces to be used outdoors. Harder finishes are also available if you so desire.

Redwood Landscape Pieces

Redwood tree roots and stumps like we have below are great as rustic yard decor. Large redwood tree root systems like these are sought after by artists and woodworkers alike. While the whole redwood root systems and stumps are usually left intact, you can imagine cutting various slabs or sections of them off and incorporating them into your dream landscape.

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    LS-108 - 9' Tall x 7.5' Wide
  • Wood Yard Art Ideas - Rustic Garden Roots Stumps Raw Wood
    LS-109 - 6.5' x 9.5' x 4.5'
  • 8 Ft. Tall Redwood Real Wood Landscape Roots
    LS-110 - 8' Tall x 6' Wide x 4' Deep
  • Redwood Dead Tree Yard Art - Decorative Old Wood Snag
    LS-111 -
  • Wood Root System Landscape
    LS-112 -
  • Large Redwood Stump for Large Wooden Sculpture
    LS-113 -
  • Natural Tree Sculpture Redwood Landscape piece - Lace Burl
    LS-114 -
  • Redwood Root Live Bark Tree Decor
    LS-115 - 8' Tall x 10' Wide x 4' Deep
  • Old growth Raw Wood Carving Material and Supply - Decorative Yard Wood Stumps
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  • Redwood Large Decorative Driftwood Piece
    LS-117 -
  • Redwood Landscaping Designs and Ideas - Tree Stump Decoration for Outdoor Yards, Gardens, Lawns
    LS-118 - 6' x 9.5' x 3-4'
  • Natural Tree House - Redwood Burl Cave Burrow Organic Raw Wood Play House
    LS-119 - 7.5' Wide x 4' Tall x 4' Deep
  • Decorative Wood Knot - Redwood Natural Knotted Art Piece for Artsy Garden Decor
    LS-120 - 6' Tall x 6' Wide x 3' Deep
  • Redwood Beach Driftwood Roots and Branches
    LS-121 - 5' Tall x 9' Wide x 30" Deep
  • Raw Tree Landscaping - Dead Tree Stump Decor
    LS-122 - 6' x 10' x 4.5'
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