LS-108 - 9' Tall x 7.5' Wide


Mix up your lawn landscape with rustic, real tree yard decor. Introduce the raw texture and forest colors of redwood into your own backyard. Surely, these raw wood elements make a charming and cozy decoration to your outdoor landscape.

At 9 feet tall, these detailed and intricate giants, salvaged burls have a naturally enchanting character. Each giant redwood burl has a unique character, secret nooks, and detailed natural carvings. Additionally, real tree yard decor is a timeless way to enjoy and relish the grand beauty of a salvaged redwood. Not to mention, tree yard decoration ideas range from seasonal and holiday ornaments to magical fairy houses. The raw and organic state of this redwood root giant makes for decorative, real tree yard art. Enjoy the mysterious, natural formation of redwood burls in your own backyard!


9′ tall x 7.5′ wide

Optional Finishing of Natural Wood Yard Decor

The listed price is for the raw and unfinished wood and does not include finishing. Usually finish is not needed for real tree landscape art, though this depends on your preferences. 

Please specify in your inquiry if you’d like to learn more about our finishing services. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote. Learn more about our finishing options


We ship our products worldwide. We get an 86% discount with our shipping companies, which we pass on directly to you. Please provide a zip code in your inquiry and we can provide you with a quote.  Learn more about our shipping policies

Ethical Sourcing

All our wood comes from ethical sources. Our real tree yard decor inventory is strictly salvaged wood.  Under those circumstances, we follow eco-friendly and environmentalist standards when building our products. Additionally, we only source and recommend products from facilities who uphold ethical work standards. Learn more about our ethical sourcing, commitment to the environment and our local community here.

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