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Burl Furniture

Burl Furniture

The beautiful character and grain of burl wood allows artists and woodworkers to make truly unique rustic wood furniture.

What is burl wood?

Burl is a form of fast growing abnormal growth found on trees. Burl can range from a very small size to very large, even encircling the whole base of a tree. In fact, the largest burls occur on coastal redwoods here on the pacific coast! Burls are usually found near the base of a tree, and – even more commonly – they are found on the roots.

Burl growths are thought to be caused by some sort of stress on the tree. This might include physical damage, fungus, virus, or insect infestation. So, as you might expect, the abnormal growth causes abnormal grain patterns within the wood. So, it’s these abnormal grain patterns that are prized by woodworkers and artists worldwide.

Here at Redwood Burl Inc. we specialize in providing ethically sourced burl wood for artists, woodworkers and homeowners to create their own unique burl furniture.

Redwood Furniture

Burl Furniture - Redwood Burl Dining Table

We know that our burl furniture is special. We strive to provide each and every customer with a personal customized experience.

It all starts with you and your project. Whether you are looking for a rustic fireplace mantel, a new rustic dining table, or a redwood bar top for your home or business we can find the right piece of wood for you.

Once you know a bit about your project, start looking through our website. We’ve put some rough categories on our slabs of wood to help narrow it down to pieces that you might want to use. For example, make sure to check out the redwood burl slab pages, these pages have some of the more figured and uniquely shaped pieces that can be used for all sorts of projects.

If you find something that you like, go ahead and click an “inquiry” button below a slab, visit our inquiries page or give us a phone call at (707) 826-9663 and we can reserve your slab and talk more about your burl furniture project!



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