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Burl Furniture

The beautiful character and grain of burl wood allows artists and woodworkers to create truly unique rustic wood furniture. Here at Redwood Burl Inc., we specialize in providing ethically sourced burl wood for artists, woodworkers, and homeowners worldwide to create their own unique burl furniture.

What is burl furniture?

Quite simply, Burlwood composes burl furniture. But what is a burl? Well, an abnormal growth found on trees is a burl. They range from very small slabs to giant pieces of burl wood. The largest burls occur in coastal redwood, Sequoia Sempervirens, right here on the northern California coast. If you’d like to learn more about burl wood, check out our articles “What is Burl Wood?” and “Types of Burl Wood”.

When you take these beautiful pieces, you create something truly special. However, there are a huge variety of types of burl wood varying in size, form, and species. Here at Redwood Burl Inc., we specialize in, you guessed it, redwood burl. Redwood burl has some of the most intricate, unique, and stunning burl formations you can find, and it makes beautiful burl furniture.

Redwood Burl Furniture

If we do say so ourselves, redwood burl furniture is some of the best. However, you of course can combine different burl woods and create something really unique. The chair below is a great example of a redwood burl slab and cedar log combination. Truly, it is a fantastic one-off piece. Burlwood Gallery, our sister company, is featuring this at their storefront on the Avenue of the Giants right here in Humboldt County, CA.

There is also less conventional furniture, such as redwood headboards as shown below. These pieces offer so much rustic charm, and they add a ton of character to any room. We offer headboards and wall art like this on our website.

We have a large variety of burl slabs that can be made into burl furniture like this table. Check out our offerings in the menu, or click here to go directly to one of our burl slab pages.

Redwood & Cedar Burl Furniture
One-off Redwood and Cedar Burl Chair
Natural Rustic Headboards - Wooden Bed Boards & Wall Art
Adorn your bedside with a live edge natural redwood headboard! Add additional details of cozy charm with natural edge bedside tables.

Live Edge Furniture Slabs

Because all burl slabs are pieces of nature, they all have a beautiful live edge. Of course, you can choose to square off a piece, but straight out of the forest they have a natural, intricate edge. A good example of a live edge is highly sought after, such as this piece. Any piece can be taken to a new level by including a live edge into your furniture design.

Our services include sanding, finishing, and transforming any of our pieces into beautiful burl furniture. We have multiple finish options and can assist with caring for and maintaining your piece.

dark curled redwood slab
A beautiful example of a live edge slab that can be turned into live edge furniture
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