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The Haunted Redwoods of Humboldt County

When we think of the Redwoods, we think of peace and tranquility. However, as the fog rolls in and Halloween approaches, we can sense a vastly different atmosphere that can be downright spooky… and rightfully so. The North Coast Redwoods contain some of the most notoriously haunted spots in California. If you’ve been searching for a ghost hunt of your own, look no further. Our list of haunted redwood trails and campsites will send shivers down your spine!

The Haunted Redwood National Forest – Orick

During the day, the town of Orick appears to be a quaint small town with its own charm. It’s home to fantastic hiking trails that cut through the woods and even access the beach but beware. Visitors who stay on the trails after the sun starts to set soon realize this town doesn’t just house an impressive amount of redwood burl and woodworkers. It’s also a stomping ground for the spirit world. Multiple visitors have seen mysterious hooded and robed figures walking through the haunted redwoods and vanishing on the trails ahead. Those who have seen these menacing entities report enduring months of chronic migraines accompanied by horrific visions after their visit. Most that endure the experience desire never to return for a second glimpse.

Headwaters Forest Reserve/Eel River Trailhead & Old Ghost Town of Falk

Deep in the misty redwood forest of Humboldt County is an abandoned ghost town that once went by the name of Falk. The town was built in 1884 around the Falk Mill and was home to roughly 400 lumber workers and their families. In July of 1890, the mill was destroyed by a massive fire. Unfortunately, there are no records of how many lives were lost. The Falk Mill was eventually rebuilt and operational until the Great Depression decimated the lumber market. The town was fully abandoned by its last residence in 1937.

It remained quietly amongst the trees until 1979 when the Sierra Pacific Lumber Company considered the empty buildings on their property as a liability. The company decided to tear down most of the structures to curb squatters and antique hunters. Aside from the ghost of the previous residence and a reconstructed train barn, there’s not much left of this logging and mill community. Those who are adventurous enough to hike into the remains of this town reviled feeling watched and compelled to look over their shoulder constantly due to an unsettling and eerier feeling they get while walking.

Humboldt’s Haunted Redwood State Park – Weott

Spiritual entities tend to gravitate toward their favorite places in their life. These redwoods are rumored to be inhabited by the Indigenous spirits from several tribes who wander through the forest. There seems to be a high concentration of these paranormal beings at the Humboldt Redwoods Campgrounds. On top of a large number of ghosts spotted in this State Park, there also seem to be a vast amount of Bigfoot sightings multiple times a year here too. Some campers have even claimed that their food and supplies have been trampled by giant feet! No one is quite sure what the connection between the spirits here and Bigfoot is. However, there’s no doubt this place has magical and supernatural qualities, judging by the inhabitants.

Trinity National Forest – Redding

The campground here is allegedly haunted by an entity that only reveals itself on Halloween. On Hallows eve every year, a shadow of a woman surrounded by a fine white mist can be seen crying as she walks along the river. She even has been reported to be walking on the water itself! According to the legend, she is the spirit of a young woman who fell into the river and met her demise. However, some believe it’s the ghost of the infamous La Llorona, which translates to “the Weeping Woman,” a vengeful ghost of a mother who drowned her own children and then herself and is now cursed to spend eternity endlessly searching for their souls in every river and lake.

Locals who traditionally camp in the area often dare other campers to walk beyond the river’s bend alone. Her wailing sounds are often mistaken for endangered or lost children, luring do-gooders to an ill fate. Occasionally the walker never returns, and simply vanishes. Whether she is looking to avenge her own death or seeking companionship in the other world, she occasionally shoves people who get too close to the edge of the water.

Duluwat Island or Indian Island – Humboldt Bay, Eureka

This island was a sacred place to the Wiyot people, given to them by the Creator as the center of the world. This is probably why the spirits hold on so desperately. Wiyot spirits reputedly still reside here after the terrible massacre of 1860 wiped out one hundred inhabitants. This mass extermination abruptly ended centuries of their occupation. Those who were unjustly slaughtered were mostly elders, women, and children. The men had traveled to the mainland to get supplies during the night. When they returned, they were only able to find one surviving newborn.

Preparing for Your Ghost Hunt in Humboldt’s Haunted Redwoods

Before embarking on your ghost hunt in Humboldt County’s haunted redwoods, be sure you have the necessary supplies. For your ghost hunting adventure, you should bring a pen and notebook to jot down your paranormal observations. A mobile phone is useful for emergencies, to track time. Hopefully, your phone has a camera and video camera to capture proof of entities. A flashlight with new batteries is also a must.

You should dress appropriately for your expedition by wearing warm clothing, and comfortable shoes or hiking boots. Advanced ghost hunting equipment, such as digital laser thermometers used to locate sources of energy can be pricey. Beginners should start with basic gear before investing in state-of-the-art gadgetry. Brave enough to venture out on the haunted trails or camp at the spooky sites mentioned above? Feel free to load up on snacks and souvenirs for your adventure at our gallery and gift shop, The Burlwood Gallery, located in Redcrest, California. Tell them Redwood Burl Inc. sent you!