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Redwood Slab Coffee Tables

Live Edge Coffee Table

Redwood Slab Coffee Tables

One of the most common uses for a beautiful old-growth California redwood slab is as a coffee table. Redwood slab coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. The more unique the wood, the more of a conversation piece it becomes. These are also great DIY projects.

Designing a Coffee Table

Your first determining factor for designing a coffee table is going to be the size and shape of the space you have available. If it needs to be rectangular, I would suggest going with what we call a tree slab. These are cut from the trunk of the tree. You can either go with a really straight grain piece or find something unique. I personally would choose to go with something with curly grain. A natural edge is nice, but if you want to see the curl all the way to the edges, you would want to shape them. Here is a great curly slab:

Redwood Burl Slabs

If you have a round or triangular space, then one of our burl slabs might be a better choice. Our redwood burl slabs usually get cut from the root section of the tree, usually below ground. Cutting into roots is like opening a treasure chest because you never know what you are going to find inside. A lot of the time it is just straight grain with a lot of curves coming from the shape of the root. Sometimes it is a spectacular lace burl. Lace burl is pretty rare, you almost never find it. When you do find a lace burl it’s something special. Here is some very high-quality burl, as good as it gets:  



If you are in the market for some coffee tables, end tables, or even a dining table be sure to give us a call. We also specialize in putting together a whole matched set with unique bases.

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