Burl Wood Headboards & Wall Art

Raw Wood Live Edge Headboard - Rustic Western Bedroom Decor
Kelly Maxwell of Littlebranch Farm used one of our raw wood natural edge headboards, coupled with cozy Western bedroom decor.

Burl Wood Headboards and Wall Art

Many people use burl wood headboards and wall art as an incredible and unique way to decorate their bedrooms. These raw edge wooden headboards are all the talk in Western furniture and bedroom decor.

Unique, rustic, and breathtaking, burl wood headboards add a distinctive touch of warmth to the bedroom. They are one of those unique items that dreams are made of. You just find the perfect slab and we will do the rest! We offer professional wood finishing services on our products, but can also deliver them raw and unfinished. Once you choose the perfece piece from our burl wood headboards and wall art options, you are on your way to creating natural woodsy comfort and charm in your home for years to come.

Natural Rustic Headboards - Wooden Bed Boards & Wall Art
Adorn your bedside with a live edge natural redwood headboard! Add additional details of cozy charm with natural edge bed side tables.

Most people use these uniquely shaped pieces as burl wood headboards and wall art pieces. You simply cannot find this type of rustic and natural appeal elsewhere! With redwood, all aspects of high quality wood work in your favor. The dark redwood colors, along with the raw edge shape and outline each piece is so unique. With one of these beauties above your bed, you will sleep in a bedroom of woodsy charm and coziness. Of course, you can get creative and use our raw redwood slabs for other D.I.Y. wood working projects.

Lastly, if you don’t see what you need here and we will source something for you from our vast inventory.

Shipping, Prepping and Finishing

Once you select your piece, we can either ship it is raw wood supply or we can prepare and finish it for you. We can arrange to just have it sanded, or we can ship it to you completely ready to install. But finishing it is half the fun, so if you are into custom wood working, or are up for a DIY wooden headboard project, we will leave that to you!

  • DIY Rustic Furniture - Wood Rustic Headboard Ideas
    HB-101 - 77" x 28" x 3"
  • Burl wood art piece or headboard - curly, highly figured redwood
    HB-102 - 103" x 30" x 3"
  • Country Home Decor and Furniture - Rustic Live Edge Headboards
    HB-103 - 97" x 22-53" x 3"
  • Natural Wood Bed Board - Rustic DIY Headboard Ideas
    HB-104 - 56" x 46" x 3"
  • Redwood Burl Headboard - Unique Rustic Headboard Design Project
    HB-105 - 68" x 32" x 3"
  • Redwood Headboard Slab - DIY Wood Bedroom Headboard
    HB-106 - 72" x 44" x 3"
  • Live Edge Wood Slab Headboard - Redwood Burlwood Slab Headboard
    HB-107 - 64" x 36-24" x 3"
  • Burl wood furniture for sale - Redwood Slabs. Tree Stump Bases. Wooden Fireplace Mantel.
    HB-108 - 65" x 26" x 2.5"
  • Redwood Headboard Slabs - Unique Burl Wood Grainy Head Boards
    HB-109 - 78" x 37-24" x 3"
  • Raw Edge Slab - Great Headboard
    HB-110 - 96" x 34-42" x 3"
  • California Burl Wood Slab - Redwood Burl Slab for Headboard or Wall Art
    HB-111 - 56" x 25" x 2.5"
  • Raw Wood Headboard with Holes - Natural Wood Voids
    HB-112 - 70" x 37" x 3"
  • Unfinished Raw Wood Headboard - Red Burl Live Wood Slabs
    HB-113 - 68" x 44" x 3"
  • Redwood Headboard - Resin Filled Void Headboard
    HB-114 - 80" x 36" x 3"
  • Redwood Lace Burl Wood Heart Bed Board
    HB-115 - 67" x 70" x 3"
  • Burl Wood Headboard - Redwood Natural Woodsy Headboard
    HB-116 - 70" x 43" x 3"
  • Raw Wood Wall Art - Redwood Burl Driftwood Artpiece
    HB-117 - 50" x 36" x 3"
  • Redwood Slab for Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas - Countryhome, Farm House Furniture
    HB-118 - 80" x 65" x 3"
  • Redwood Heart Shaped Wooden Headboard
    HB-119 - 60" x 70" x 3"
  • Figure Wood Headboard - Raw Woodsy Rustic Home Decoration
    HB-120 - 78" x 35" x 3"
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