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Fireplace Mantels 6 | Rustic Hand Carved Mantels

Fireplace Mantel - Installed 500 Series #524 Mantel


Fireplace Mantels on this page are made to order here at Redwood Burl, Inc. We create these mantels in any dimensions needed. Initially, We will need to know your Length x Depth x Thickness to provide you with an accurate quote.

You measure length horizontally from left to right. The depth is the measurement from front to back. So, If you are going to place it back into the wall, you’ll need to take that into account. Thickness is the vertical measurement from top to bottom, and usually depends on the height of your ceilings. Basically, the taller the ceilings, the thicker the mantel should be.

Of course, you can go with the existing or ideal measurements if you are remodeling the space. Additionally, for new construction you can always call us and we can go over what you need.

Once you have all your dimensions, please choose a style from the samples below and give us a call in the office; 707-826-9663, or email;, for a quote. All of our Custom Mantel pricing includes sanding and finishing, as sanding is a big part of the final carving process. Once the mantel is carved, the final shape is achieved through sanding.


Shipping Rates:

Fireplace Mantels up to 6′ ship for $90.

Mantels over 6′ and less than 150 lbs. ship for $150.

Fireplace Mantels over 150 lbs. must be shipped via Freight.

Fireplace Mantel #520A

Straight Edged Timber Mantel – Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel M-620-A


Fireplace Mantel #520BCustom Carved Fireplace Mantel M-620-B – Straight Edged Timber Mantel With Black


Fireplace Mantel #521A

M-621-A Rustic Beam Mantel – Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel


Fireplace Mantel #521B

M-621-B  Rustic Beam Mantel With Railroad Spikes – Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel


Fireplace Mantel #522Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel M-622 With Light Texture


Fireplace Mantel #526

M-623 With Heavy Texture – Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel


Fireplace Mantel #524Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel M-624 With Smooth Face


Fireplace Mantel #525Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel M-625 With Full Rounded Corners


Fireplace Mantel #523

M-626 With Half Rounded Corners – Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel




Fireplace Mantel Staining Options

Mantel with 3 different finishing treatments

  • These are the three standard staining options we work with. For your reference, all three finishes have been applied to the mantel pictured above.
  • The left side is finished with Clear/Natural finish, no color added. This finish brings out the natural color of the Redwood which varies from light to darker tones depending on the piece.
  • The center finish is the Black Walnut, which darkens the wood and brings out the brown tones.
  • We also have the Ebony finish shown on the right end for clients wanting a mantel with even darker tones.
  • If you need a specific color tone we are happy to work with you to customize the stain you need. Please let us know how we can help you.






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