BV-109 - 11.25" Rd., 5.25" Tall


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Round, 12 inch claro walnut salad bowl. Dark walnut wood, salvaged and upcycled as a practical kitchen salad bowl. Walnut wood is excellent for crafting food-safe wood salad bowls.  Additionally, multiple geometric stone inlays complete the sleek look of this claro walnut burl bowl.

Native to northern California, the claro walnut, or California black walnut tree heartwood often holds a deep, chocolate color. Needless to say, the dark brown is a universally fitting color, suitable for practically any interior decor. Notably, we use fallen and salvaged trees to reveal the dark heartwood of walnut trees. Then, we hand-turn them into our decorative walnut wooden novelties; gorgeous and ready to use.

Due to its consistent color and shape, you are not confined to using a claro walnut inlay bowl in your kitchen. Bring comfortable wooden accents to your bedroom, or hobby and leisure room. Unmistakably introduce modern wood bowls and decorations into any corner of your home.


11.25″ diameter x 5.25″ tall


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