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Celebrating Redwood as a Sustainable Resource

Reclaimed Salvaged Redwood as a natural sustainable resource.

Happy World Wood Day!

As wood enthusiasts, we recognize the importance of long-lasting, sustainable resources. World Wood Day on March 21, organized by the World Wood Day Foundation. It is a celebration dedicated to the universal uses of wood. In lieu of this, we want to share with you some of the reasons we love reclaimed redwood as a renewable bio-material. Living sustainably means choosing long-lasting and quality materials instead of single-use, disposable ones. Our supply of salvaged redwood includes pieces that age up to hundreds of years old before we recovered them.

World Wood Day is dedicated to celebrating wood as a natural resource. It highlights the importance of responsible use. Sourcing our redwood from established sources is our biggest priority. Years of deforestation and poaching have permanently impacted the redwood forests. Considering this type of forest looting,  we strictly abide by environmental practices and only work with reputable, trusted sources. We strive to provide you with high-quality, durable raw wood materials. This way, you can shop responsibly and proceed with your wood project worry-free.

From the moment of recovery until the crafting process, we handle our wood with the utmost care. Redwood trees are notorious giants, some of them living up to 5,000 years! They grow up to 300+ feet above the forest floor. While giving these century-old giants a second life, we provide you with the utmost quality material for your woodworking endeavors. Having a dependable raw supply to work with also supports ethically salvaged wood sourcing. This is a crucial component of our fieldwork.

Long-Lasting & Sustainable 

Now more than ever, we need to consider our choices as consumers. Rather than depleting our resources, we need to reconsider renewable and sustainable resources – like wood.

Salvaged, reclaimed, sustainable wood supply.
Stacked reclaimed redwood – a renewable and sustainable wood choice.

On World Wood Day, we invite you to discover the incredible value of reclaimed wood. Redwood is a long-lasting and durable wood choice that will last you for years to come. Our pieces last so long that they often become family relics and prized possessions, passed on from generation to generation. As an alternative to single-use materials, redwood is a more permanent choice for your home design and furniture needs.

Unique Redwood Facts 

Ever wondered how redwoods get their red colorSequoia sempervirens or Coastal Redwoods contain an incredible natural compound called tannin. This chemical is responsible for the beautiful redwood colors we adore. It makes redwood remarkably resistant to insect and fungus attacks. A rare quality of wood species, this fungus and insect resistance allows redwood to flourish and preserve itself for generations.

While trees grow, they absorb carbon from the surrounding atmosphere and store it in their fibers. Essentially, by owning a piece of wood that has stored carbon rather than purchasing new materials that consume carbon; you are lowering your carbon footprint!

Our redwood inventory is entirely ethically salvaged. In other words, we never cut down trees for our wood furniture supply. Instead, we search and excavate burls and stumps from previous milling facilities. This is not an easy task, but it is well worth it. Dug-up burls, stumps, and root systems were often the undesirable leftovers of milling operations. Contrary to this belief, these pieces hold remarkable patterns and growth figures. While this may be unsuitable for lumber, it is an intricate and unique choice for rustic home-style furniture.

Care & Durability of Redwood Furniture

Whether you choose to apply a sealer or finishing coat to your redwood is entirely up to you. Maintenance and preservation of redwood furniture are easy, as long as it is done consistently. Using a citrus oil cleaner, you can easily wipe off any residue and refresh the look of your table, mantel, or redwood countertop. Given this easy maintenance, the need for highly concentrated and toxic cleaning chemicals is unnecessary! How awesome is that? Not only is your furniture made out of sustainable material, but the upkeep of it also is natural and harmless.

The bottom line is that redwood is an extremely feasible selection of wood in a number of ways. Taking into account the ethical sourcing, as well as the durability and resistance of this incredible resource. We are convinced redwood is a top choice for your home decor needs.

We have passed on some of our infatuation and love for redwood to you. On this eco-focused holiday, we hope to share and celebrate with you the importance of using natural resources in responsible ways. Together we can preserve and cherish them for centuries while giving back to the Earth, their source.