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Redwood Burl Slabs 6

Live edged burl slabs are just one of the items we specialize in. We also design dining room and conference room tables. We can also use these large and extra large slabs for:

  • solid wood executive desk tops
  • counter tops
  • bars,
  • headboards
  • and more

These large slabs are hard to come by and they will bring artistic form and warmth into any setting.  We can fit rustic-style bases to any of these wood slabs. We specialize in working with woodworkers, homeowners, weekend warriors and all lovers of the rustic solid wood furniture look.  Our inventory contains thousands of salvaged redwood slabs, so please email or call us with the dimensions you need for your project.

Rustic Looking Burl Slabs

The rustic look of our wood slabs usually means the wood has a live edge and will tend to have defects such as small cracks, knots and curly or burly grain patterns. If you want a perfect, defect-free piece they are available but not common.  Please let us know how we can help with your special custom redwood furniture project.

Environmentally Sourced Burl Slabs

Here at Redwood Burl Inc., we go beyond the typical Social and Environmental considerations which means ensuring that the products are being sourced and are created in safe facilities by workers who are treated well and paid fair wages to work legal hours, and that we are respecting the environment during the production and manufacture of the products.



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