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Why Choose a Live Edge Table?

Live Edge Coffee Tables from Burl Wood

Why choose a Live Edge Table?Example of live edge table and benches - Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables and furniture have become much more popular over the last few years. Woodworkers and craftsmen across the globe are incorporating additional live edge options in their inventory to fit this high demand. Different from other suppliers, our wood is ethically salvaged straight from fallen forest logs and stumps. Redwood is an incredibly unique type of wood, revealing different characters in each piece. These fallen, century-old giants carry so much history and forest magic that we preserve in a modern and artful way. This allows us to retain the bark-like detail on every wood piece we have. For a cleaner and more simplistic design, we clean up the edges and make a straight cut. However, nothing showcases the wonder of the redwood trees like a textured and detailed live edge table. If you are considering buying or building a live edge table, here is what you need to know:

What is a live edge table?

Live Edge Stump Table Curly Grain Redwood Raw Supply
Create your own coffee table with a live edge slab and a redwood stump.

A live edge table incorporates the natural edge of the wood into its design. As mentioned, when we salvage redwood, we remove the natural forest build-up, clean up the piece and preserve the gorgeous natural edges of the wood slab. This process involves removing the bark and sandblasting to remove splinters or rough patches. The live edge look is not exclusive to wood tables, as well. While tabletops often have this type of texture, countertop slabs and mantel shelves also can have a live, raw edge.

While the live edge on this burl coffee table might be obvious, larger and cleaner-grained slabs of wood can also feature a live edge. The table and benches shown below feature a more subtle live edge. The table has a live edge on both sides and the benches have a live edge on the outer side.

Why We Love Live Edge Tables

Environmentally Friendly

When we produce live-edge tables, we are more environmentally conscious. Typically, the bark or edge of the wood is not seen as a desirable component of the final product. However, with redwood, we preserve the structurally-sound parts of the wood and make use of the entire piece. Rather than wasting the bark and live edge beauty, we keep it on and clean it up for your convenient use. Additionally, much of our wood is recycled and re-purposed. Many milling operations leave the forest floor full of redwood branches, buried stumps, and wood debris. Rather than wasting a natural resource, we reclaim these leftover hidden gems, making them into quality furniture.

Infinite Options

Not only can you select a live edge table top for your custom table project, but you can choose a raw, natural stump with bark texture to complete your design. We allow you to browse and choose from a variety of slabs, mantels, and bases that carry the live edge look. Within its simple definition, live-edge still has multiple variations to choose from. The truly organic, raw look resembles bark detail, which is by far the most popular choice for live edge design. Custom live edge shaping has a more soft and subtle look, as we carve out the edges to still appear raw, but hold a softer look. Some customers prefer the edges to be cut straight, and some customers prefer some custom shaping to be done to make the edges smoother. In either case, we are happy to consult you and custom shape your live edge furniture to the texture you desire.

Textured, Unique Design

Lastly, we believe that the live edge of the wood simply looks better! Nothing tops the organic and raw look of a live edge. If the look you are going for is nature-inspired, pastoral, and natural, live edge furniture will surely meet that appeal. Additionally, this type of design is popular with eco-conscious and green living spaces and offices. While minimalist and Scandinavian decor adheres to clean and natural textures, the bright, but basic color and charm of redwood is still a suitable addition. Regardless of the space, live-edge tables are a one-of-a-kind accenting type of furniture. With the help of our vast inventory of live edge table slabs, there is truly a little something for everyone.

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