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Salvaging Redwood Burl Stumps

Salvaging Redwood Burl Stumps

Extracting redwood stumps, logs, or even butt cuts, can be incredibly challenging. Even with large earth moving equipment like cats and loaders, extracting Redwood is likely the most laborious step in cutting Redwood. A lot of the stumps are buried under brush, dirt, smaller stumps and logs, sand, gravel, mud, water, it truly is astonishing the environments one may find themselves in while reclaiming redwood.

As the owner of Dias Artistries, I am always getting called out into the field. I have encounter some amazing situations in pursuit of Redwood, and many of those will be featured in my new book, and on our All Things Redwood page. In this blog post however, my intention is to explain our process for salvaging Redwood.

Earlier this year, I received a call from an old friend of mine who was involved in a small Timber Harvest Plan (THP) on about 40 acres. The THP was a third generation harvest, but there were tons of old growth, Redwood stumps and butt cuts. Luckily, I was able to swoop in on the smaller of the stumps. (By small, I am referring to cuts that are as much as 16 foot in diameter.) For about 2 months I hauled some real nice old growth from the location. Outside of getting the stumps unloaded at my mill site, breaking my 18 foot trailer deck in half, and having to be pushed up a dirt road by a bull dozer, the extraction was quite nice. Mostly because there was heavy equipment on site.

My last extraction wasn’t so cut and dry. I had a land owner earlier this year contact me about getting some old stumps off his property. He had tried to burn them, but as is common with Redwood, they wouldn’t burn. For this project, I used our boom truck. A boom truck is basically an old truck, ours is a Ford F150, that has had its bed removed, and has been modified with a flat bed, winch, and boom for pulling and hauling stumps.

This extraction was moving right along, but as is almost always the case, I ran into a large, curly, Redwood stump, that broke my boom, and burned out my winch. The stump is still setting on the property, half cut and waiting for my new boom and winch to come get it. And you better believe I will!

Stay posted for stories about the Burl industry and our adventures in Redwood Salvage!

Redwood Burl Stump on Trailer

Redwood Burls on Trailer

Tracktor Hauling Redwood Burls

Redwood Burls



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