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Redwood Burl Slab Tables & Bases

Redwood burl slab table on redwood base

Redwood Burl Slab Table

Redwood Burl Slab Tables account for more inquiries than anything else here at Redwood Burl Inc. We have thousands of Redwood Burl Slabs available and ready to go, but only have a limited amount of space on our website for pictures. Because of this, we list less than 5% of our inventory on our website. So if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, be sure to give us a call in the office. Let us know what you’re looking for, so we can find it for you.

Redwood Slabs are cut in almost every size. From clock slabs & side tables, to coffee tables and dining tables. Indoor or Outdoor use, Redwood Slabs are always a great choice. Once you know what you’re looking for, the best place to start is right here on our website. Prices vary according to the size and quality of each slab. Better Burl, fetches a better price. Especially now that Old Growth Redwood is getting to be so hard to come by.

Salvaging Redwood Burl

Back in the day, you could find whole trees and stumps washed up on the beaches after the rains here locally. But with all the cutbacks in the logging industry, there really are not many logs or stumps that make it into the rivers to end up on the local beaches. In fact, this business was started by my Boss’s dad coming up here collecting wood from the local beaches for projects he was working on down in  Carmel and Monterey back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Today We Work Harder

Today, we have to work a bit harder to get those stumps and logs. Since they no longer miraculously wash up on the beach, we have to dig them up out of the ground ourselves. We use heavy equipment of course. You can see how it’s done on our “How We Do It Page”.

Depending on the size of the stumps and logs we get in, depends on the products we have in our inventory. As you can’t get big slabs out of little logs. Occasionally we have to come up with something like this to fit the bill on occasion.

Redwood Burl Table or Stump Bases

Once you choose your slab, you will need a base or a pedestal to support it. You will need to take several factors into consideration. We have a large selection of bases available. This includes root or stump type bases. We have metal bases that are made locally just for our slabs. Our inventory also includes smaller slabs that are suitable for making bases. It just depends on what you are looking for in your final product.

Paired Slabs and Bases

If you choose the style of base, we can pair your slab with it and send you pictures of what your Redwood burl slab table will look like when assembled. We call these Table Set-ups. The most common thing to do is pair them with suitable root bases though. We only have room on our site for about 80 bases, but we actually have hundreds of them available. So, if you pick the slab, it is usually best to let us pair a base, or bases to it for you. This will insure the correct size to support your table, without having to worry about tipping or any other balance issues.

Sometimes the only difference between a Redwood Burl Coffee Table, and a free standing redwood bar is the size, or height of the base your put under the slab. A coffee table will need a base about 15 to 20” tall. A free standing bar is going to need a base that is 36 to 40” tall. Same goes for a Redwood Desk Top, and a Counter for something like a Reception Counter. Desk Top height being about 29-31” and a reception desk being closer to bar height.

You Can Buy Only the Base if You Want

On occasion, we’ve even sold Stump Bases cut to height, sanded and made into a coffee table, or buffet table or Bar Top without a Redwood Slab at all. The same principle can be applied for a Glass Top. All we need to know is the size of your glass, and your application. We can find a base that will work. As we store them in several heights, to be cut down to height for any application.

Often, we cut some of our more Rooty Bases to height, then sand blast and oil them to make a base for a Glass Table. Although, they can also work for a solid slab. It just depends on what you see in the base, character wise. Sometimes you will find something and think it would just be a shame to cover that up. So you almost have to use glass.

If you are ready to get a Burl Slab project of your own going, give us a call in the of office at the number below, or contact us via email to get things started.


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