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Rustic Dining Tables

Rustic Dining Tables

Example of Redwood Curly Grain

Figure 1: An example of redwood with a curly compression grain.

Redwood is one of the few trees that will produce wood slabs that are long enough and wide enough to produce a full Live Edge Table out of a single slab. Most other woods, you will need to mill your boards, then glue the boards together to get the width you desire.  Old Growth Redwood is also some of the most beautiful and ornate woods that you can find on the face of the earth. Although the longer wood slabs will tend to usually be more straight grain. It is very common for Redwood to have lots of what we refer to as Curl in them. Curl is a very wavy gran pattern that is highly desirable (example of Curl in Figure 1).

Back in the day, when they were cutting down Redwood Trees to cut into lumber. Between the years 1865 and 1980 or so. Any logs that had this Curl in them were not taken out of the woods because they were considered to have a grain deviations, and not suitable for milling. New trees were planted around them, and now, they too are being harvested for lumber. These old logs are also being brought out of the woods and considered Salvaged. This is one of the ways we are able to acquire our Old Growth Logs, in an environmentally conscious way. Or what we like to refer to as Ethical Sourcing. We use trees that were harvested decades ago. This gives them new life. Instead of rotting on the bottom of the forest. These logs will live forever as furniture to be enjoyed by many for decades, or even centuries to come.

Example of Redwood Burl Grain

Figure 2: An Example of redwood with a burly grain.

Smaller live edge tables, are sometimes made using Root Wood, wood that is harvested from the roots of trees previously harvested in past decades. It is in the redwood tree roots that you will find some of the more spectacular and Burly grain variations (Figure 2) like Birds-Eye. Wood with a burly grain we could make into a spectacular rustic burl wood table, either with a live edge or a shaped edge. Another thing to consider would be the edge of the table that you are looking for. There are generally two options for the edge of your rustic dining table. We find that the type of table that has the most character and is gaining more popularity recently is a live edge dining table. A live edge table is a table that preserves the natural edge and/or bark of the slab that the tree is cut from (Figure 3). Live edge tables while very popular just may not be the look that you’re looking for, if you’re looking for a rustic dining table that has a warmer or smoother feel and look to it, we also can cut and shape the edges of the burl wood to your preference (Figure 4).

The more spectacular the grain, the more rare it is. Really spectacular grain is not something that is seen in every piece of wood, as most redwood has a very long straight grain pattern.

Rustic Dining Table Slab | Old Growth Redwood Slab

Figure 3: Old growth redwood slab with a live edge that would make a great dining table.

When planning your table. You first need to take into consideration the size of table you want to build. This would be determined by how many people you want to seat at the table. Normally 2 feet per person in length. Once you have your size, you need to choose the character of wood you want to use. This will partially be determined by your budget.

Once you have your budget, you are ready to shop. If you can’t find the perfect rustic dining table slab to meet your needs on our website. Please be sure to give us a call in the office at (707) 826-9663 or contact us online. As we are only able to keep a very small part of our inventory online. If you let us know the character and dimension that you are looking for, and the budget you have to work with, we can almost always find you the perfect piece of wood to meet your needs. During this process, we will send you picture of the products we have available in our inventory that are suitable, once you make your choice, we can go over finishing and delivery options and get you a final quote on your project.

Rustic Old Growth Redwood Table

Figure 4:  We love how this highly figured rustic dining table turned out for our customer! The table legs/bases were cut from the same slab of wood.

Let us not forget about Table Bases either to match your custom burl wood table. We have both wood and metal options available. How many bases, and their size will be determined by the size of your table. We can help you with all of that, and sometimes get you pictures of the bases and your slab paired together to get a good idea of what you are going to get for a final product.


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