Live Edge Elm Burl & Slabs

Live edge elm burl & slabs don’t make their way to our website or storage very often. When a highly figured and burled elm log does make its way to us, it’s almost like a special occasion. The lighter color of the grain is an absolute pleasure to look at. Just take a look at this picture below. You can just imagine the types of rustic furniture you could make out of it. This slab could make a unique rustic elm dining table, coffee table, bench, desk or more!

As with our redwood products, our elm slabs often have a live edge and are usually not “defect-free”. That is what gives them such a distinct character. Especially when they’re made into rustic furniture like an elm dining table or an elm coffee table. They often have knots, burls, or small cracks throughout the slab. We celebrate our unique cuts of wood and we hope that you do too!

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If you would like to know more about obtaining live edge elm burl or slabs, please contact us. We’ll reply very quickly and let you know what we have available. Don’t forget to tell us a little about your project. If we know the approximate dimensions and use, we can help you much better.

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