SL-105 - 52" x 41" x 3"


Sapwood Wavy Grain Slab

Pair this sapwood wavy grain slab with one of our redwood bases, such as this piece, or find more of our bases on this page. Combined, a burl base and a burl slab make for a great piece that is sure to last generations elegantly and with effortless beauty. In addition, Redwood Burl specializes in metal bases as well as hairpin legs. We partner with local artisans for our metal bases, and we would be happy to show you all of our options via email.


52″ long x 41″ wide x 3″ thick

Featured in This Piece

In this piece, there are many grain features and character. In particular, there is some stellar lace burl, some wavy, curly grain, a couple of natural surface voids, and distinct coloration. To find out more about the different kinds of burl, check out our blog article. There are also many great resources elsewhere for these grains:
Find out more about birdseye grain
Find out more specific details on redwood

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