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Friends of Redwood Burl

The business friends of Redwood Burl Inc. listed on this page are people we work closely together with and have formed valuable relationships with. We are proud of our association with these companies and value the bonds and work we do with them. Needless to say, the companies listed on this page produce top quality wood products. We highly recommend giving these wonderful wood craftsmen, carvers and artists a look!

Best of all, when you purchase redwood from these companies, chance are,
you are buying wood that we salvaged! By working closely with these companies and artists, we provide them with ethically sourced, raw wood for their projects. Of course, these companies also consider the labor ethics and guidelines of wood crafting, like us. We treat our employees well and pay them a fair, legal wage. When buying wood products, custom carvings or rustic furniture from us or our friends, you can rest assured that the wood we use is of the highest quality available and sourced with the environment in mind.

Our Friends


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Friends of Redwood Burl

Friends of Redwood Burl

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If you’re a regular wholesale client of ours and you’d like to be listed as one of our friends, please contact us at our main office number.