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Why Choose a Live Edge Table

Why choose a Live Edge Table?

Live edge tables and furniture have become much more popular over the last few years. Woodworkers and craftsman across the globe are working hard to meet the demand for these increasingly popular tables. If you are considering buying, or building, a live edge table – here is what you need to know.

What is a live edge table?

What is considered to be a live edge table? Live edge tables incorporate the natural edge of the wood into the design of the table. We usually remove the bark (though not always), and preserve the natural edge of the wood slab. The picture below is a great example of a live edge burl coffee table. First, e removed the bark. Then we sandblasted the edge of the slab to remove any splinter-like pieces and surfaces. Finally, we sanded and finished.

Example of a live edge slab used for a coffee table or other Live Edge Tables

While this example of a burl coffee table might be obvious, larger and cleaner grained slabs of wood can also feature a live edge. Here is a picture of a table and benches that feature live edges. The table has a live edge on both sides and the benches have a live edge on the outer side.

Example of live edge table and benches - Live Edge Tables

Why do we love live edge tables?

Live edge wood is more environmentally friendly.

When we produce live edge tables, we are being more environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly. When you mill logs for dimensions (milling wood to produce specific clean sized cuts: 2×4, 2×10, etc…) you are often left with waste. Cuts around the edge will often be misshapen and not fit to be used for furniture or construction. We mill our logs, burls, and stumps to produce the least amount of waste possible.

There are more options for our customers.

We allow you to decide exactly what type of edge you want by keeping the live edge on our wood and slabs. Some customers prefer the edges to be cut straight, and some customers prefer some custom shaping to be done to make the edges smoother. In those cases, we can ship you wood or slabs which do not contain a live edge.

We think it looks better!

Lastly, we believe that the live edge of the wood looks better! Redwood is such a beautiful wood to work with and look at. Each piece carries so much history with it and we like to preserve as much of that history as we can.


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