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Burl Wood Headboards & Wall Art

Many people use burl wood headboards as an incredible way to decorate their bedrooms. These headboards are unique, rustic, and breathtaking. Burl wood headboards add a distinctive touch to the bedroom. They are one of those unique items that dreams are made of. We find the perfect slab and have a unique setup custom made by an experienced custom craftsman. From simple to complex, we can do it all.

Rustic Wood Bed | Redwood Slab Headboard

Another amazing bed by Kelly Maxwell of | Made with ethically sourced redwood


Most people use these uniquely shaped pieces as headboards or wall pieces. The voids in them don’t really work for tables in most cases. Once you know how big of a burl headboard or wall piece you need, give us a call. If you don’t see what you need here and we will source something for you from our vast inventory. Only a small part of what we have in stock is posted online.

Shipping, Prepping and Finishing

Once you select your piece, we can either ship your burl wood as is or we can prep and finish it for you. We can arrange to just have it sanded, or we can ship it to you completely ready to install. But finishing it is half the fun.




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