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Rustic Kitchen Islands

Rustic Kitchen Islands are a popular project that people use our redwood burl slabs for. Our live edge slabs are perfect for nearly any size of Rustic Kitchen Island. It can be difficult to find the right piece of material for Large kitchen islands. This is especially true for wooden ones.. Fortuanately, we have a large stock of wood slabs that are dry and ready to be installed in a kitchen. Additionally, we dry our slabs naturally in our stockpiles. We do not kiln dry our slabs.

This Rustic Kitchen Island Table was carved here prior to shipment, then finished by the Client On-Site. Thank You Craig for the Photo!

We carved this Kitchen Island Table here. Then, prior to shipment, the buyer finished the table On-Site. Thank You Craig for the Photo!


You will find a selection of redwood slabs and cuts below. These are a small amount of the dry and ready to use slabs that you can use to create custom rustic kitchen islands. Each slab is unique. Each features unique curly and burly grain patterns. These are specific to the log or burl that they were cut from.

Like the rest of the redwood slabs and redwood burl we have on our website, we have ethically sourced and reclaimed this redwood. We’re ready to do business with home-owners, business owners, and woodworkers so give our online selection a look through to see if any of these cuts work for you! Your new rustic kitchen island is just one step away.

If you don’t see the perfect slab for your new rustic redwood kitchen island – be sure to check out some other pages featuring wood slabs great for Rustic Countertops & Bars or Redwood Bar Tops. If you can’t find exactly what you need make sure to contact us, we will head out to our stockpiles and personally email you some pictures wood slabs that would be great for your project!


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