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Redwood Landscape Pieces

Redwood Landscape Pieces, Giant stumps and redwood roots are used as yard sculptures, waterfalls, and cut into slabs for rustic furniture bases.  One large burl stump could yield many slabs, however good quality is hard to find.  Because these are redwood they will last for an extremely long time.  Depending upon the size of the wood, we can ship these whole by tractor trailer or custom make a pallet for you.  We often cut pieces from stumps or roots up to 50,000 pounds.  Each piece of driftwood or Redwood Landscape Pieces is a one-of-a-kind natural sculpture, whether sliced or whole.  Cleaning and cutting these huge roots and stumps is a very dirty job, but we are more than willing to do the hard work for you. Finishing of these is available for an additional charge.

Most of what we have in stock has already been power washed, removing most of the dirt and rocks. They tend to be gray and weathered from being out in the sun, as most redwood does if not protected from the UV Rays of the sun. If you are looking for something a bit more finished, we can sandblast your piece and either apply a coat of Danish Oil for something that will be used indoors. Or, with Tung Oil for pieces to be used outdoors. Harder finishes are also available if you so desire.

Redwood Tree Roots | Large Landscape Piece





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