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Redwood Bar Tops

Redwood Slab Wall Hanging - redwood bar tops

Redwood Slab Wall Hanging ~ done by The Yesmen

Our redwood bar top slabs make beautiful live edge counter tops, or we can cut the edges straight if you prefer. We cut slabs of almost any size, and if we don’t have the size you need in stock, we can cut it for you. We have a large inventory and can cut-to-order anything up to just over 20 feet. If you are planning any projects that involve rustic kitchen counters, solid wood countertops, rustic wood tables, or restaurant tables of any shape or size, please let us know and we will email you photographs of some of the solid wood countertops in stock.

The rustic look usually means the wood has a live edge and tends to have defects in the wood such as small cracks, knots, and curly or burly character. If you want a perfect, defect-free piece, they are available but not common.  Please let us know how we can help with your special project.

Ethically Sourced Redwood

Here at Redwood Burl Inc., we go beyond the typical social and environmental considerations. This means ensuring that the products are being sourced and are created in safe facilities by workers who are treated well and paid fair wages to work legal hours. We respect the environment during the production and manufacture of our products.

Most of our clients are concerned with the social & environmental aspects of wood sourcing. They are willing to pay a higher price for higher quality, responsibly sourced wood. When we get a large order, we are able to pull it from our existing inventory. We don’t have to scramble to source the material after the fact, from non-reputable sources such as poachers, as some people in this business tend to do. We have been stockpiling wood for years and have acres of cut slabs air drying, plus what we have already kiln dried.


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