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Burl Wood Bowls & Vases

Burl Wood Bowls & Vases are some of our newest products we are now offering. On this page you will find Redwood bowls, plates, and vases. We even offer some turnings made with other locally available burl wood such as Maple and Claro Walnut. All of the turnings were created in our own production facility here at Redwood Burl Inc.

We’ve recently added another Lathe to our shop and we have professional turners working here a few days a week. If you are planning a scheduled visit to our facility when a turner is on hand we would be happy to offer you a demonstration.

We are also expanding our production lines to include various turned goodies such as wine stoppers, burl wood pens; including the bolt action types, and other small gift items.

Here at Redwood Burl Inc., we go beyond the typical Social and Environmental considerations which means ensuring that the products are being sourced and are created in safe facilities by workers who are treated well and paid fair wages to work legal hours, and that we are respecting the environment during the production and manufacture of the products


Burl Wood Turnings | Turning two Projects at once on the Lathe

Turning two Burl Wood Projects at once on the Lathe.


Burl Wood Bowls For Sale At This Time:


  • Turned Redwood Bowl, Natural Inclusions

    BV-1 ~ Redwood Bowl, 7.5″ Rd., 4″ Tall $110

  • Redwood Turning | Turned Redwood Plate

    BV-2 ~ Stained Redwood 12.5″ Rd., 2.5″ Tall $350

  • Burl Wood Bowls | Redwood Lace Burl Fruit Bowl

    BV-3 ~ Redwood Lace Burl 12.25″ Rd., 2.5″ Tall $500

  • Wood Turnings | Claro Walnut Vase

    BV-4 ~ Claro Walnut 5.5 Rd., 5.5″ Tall $115

  • Natural Edge Bowl | Claro Walnut Bowl

    BV-5 ~ Claro Walnut 4.25″ Rd., 6.25″ Tall $75

  • Walnut Wood Turning | Hand Turned Wooden Bowls

    BV-6 ~ Walnut Bowl 10.5″ Rd., by 4.25″ Tall $old

  • Redwood Vase | Hand Carved Redwood Vase

    BV-7 ~ Redwood Vase 14″ Tall, 8″ Wide, 3″ Thick $old

  • Natural Edge Bowl | Big Leaf Maple Bowl

    BV-8 ~ Big Leaf Maple 14″ Rd., 5.25″ Tall SOLD

  • Walnut Wood Turning | Bowl Is Slightly Imperfect

    BV-9 ~ Claro Walnut 11.25″ Rd., 5.25″ Tall $old

  • Big Leaf Maple Bowl | Wood Turned Bowls

    BV-10 ~ Big Leaf Maple Bowl 15″ Rd., 9″ Tall $old

  • Redwood Fruit Bowl | Turned Wooden Bowls

    BV-11~ Redwood Bowl 19″ Rd., 5″ Tall $ 775

  • Turned Bowls | Lace Redwood Turned Bowl

    BV-12 ~ Redwood Bowl 6.5″ Rd., 3.75″ Tall $old

  • Carved Wooden Bowls | Hand Turned Wooden Bowls For Sale

    BV-13 ~ Redwood Bowl 8.5″ Rd., 3.75″ Tall $80

  • Wooden Bowls For Sale | Bowl With Maple Stitching

    BV-14 ~ Claro Walnut w/Maple Stitches 10″ Rd. by 4″ Tall $old

  • Turned Wooden Bowls | Great Curly Redwood Bowl

    BV-15 ~ Great Curly 9″ Rd., 3.5″ Tall $old

  • Burl Wood Bowls | Redwood Burl Bowl w/Live Edge

    BV-16 ~ Live Edge Burl 8″ Rd., 4″ Tall $old

  • Turned Wood Bowl | Redwood Lace Burl Fruit Bowl

    BV-17 ~ Redwood Lace Burl 15″ Rd., by 4″ Tall $old

  • BV-18 ~ Redwood Lace Burl 13.5" Rd., 2.5" Tall $475

    BV-18 ~ Redwood Lace Burl 13.5″ Rd., 2.5″ Tall $475

  • Redwood Bowl | Natural Inclusions, Great Curl In It Too

    BV-19 ~ Redwood Bowl 9″ Rd., 2″ Tall $old

  • Mineral Stained Redwood Bowl | Hand Turned Wooden Bowls For Sale

    BV-20 ~ Mineral Stained w/Turquoise 16″ Rd. by 5.5″ Tall $old

  • Turned Bowls | Lots of Heavy Burl In This Bowl

    BV-21~ Redwood, Heavy Burl 12″ Rd., 7″ Tall $550

  • Lace Burl Bowl | Made From Old Growth Redwood

    BV-22 ~ Lace Burl 12″ Rd., 5″ Tall $600


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