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Redwood Burl Slabs 2

Redwood Burl Carving - Carved using one of our Burl Slabs.

Redwood Burl Carving – Carved using one of our Burl Slabs.

Redwood burl slabs are great for making coffee tables, burl desks, & driftwood or burl slab tables.

All of our solid wood redwood burl table slabs are cut in house from salvaged Old Growth Coastal Redwood and are used for making rustic furniture of all kinds, including burl table tops, countertops, bars, executive desks, conference tables, mantels, clocks, signs, and more. We have thousands of redwood slabs available and are happy to email you pictures of other burl table slabs and matched bases from our vast inventory,  just ask.

When pairing a live edge Burl Slab with a stump base. It is always best to start with the slab, and pair it with a base accordingly. Your base combinations will vary greatly depending on your final table height. Don’t forget to account for table thickness, most of our burl slabs are cut at 3″ thick, unless marked otherwise.

We Can Customize your Slab for You

Some people like to do some of the work themselves. For a nominal fee, we can do some or all of the prep work before we deliver it to you. Sometimes it is just worth having it sanded to about 100 grit. Then all you have to do is finish sand it when it arrives before applying your finish. We are more than willing to discuss finishes with you. We can point you in the direction of some of the best options available. Or – just say the word – and we will finish it for you.


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